Russian citizenship (simplified procedure) – bill under review

December 2, 2019  Russian Government has introduced to the State Duma a bill, which simplifies application for Russian citizenship for  foreign nationals who permanently live in Russia (have permanent residence permits), provided they have  capable children (over 18 and able to work), who are Russian citizens and live in Russia.

This category of foreign citizens will be able to apply for Russian citizenship without having to permanently reside on the basis of a permanent residence permit for an obligatory term before citizenship application could be accepted (5 years).

At the moment only foreign citizens, who have permanent residence permits and who are incapable (that is over the retirement age or invalids, unable to work) can benefit from such simplification.  

After the bill will be approved capable foreign citizens will be able to benefit from this as well. Russian Government introducing this bill hopes that it will help to attract workforce into the country.  

That is, in case foreign citizen has a son or a daughter who are citizens of Russian Federation and who permanently live in Russia, their path to citizenship will be the following:

Step 1: Permanent Residence Permit (simplified procedure – without having to apply for the temporary residence permit first), in accordance with subsec. 4 sec. 2 art. 8 of the Federal Law 25.07.2002, N 115-FL “On the legal status of foreign citizens in Russian Federation”;

application review – 6 months – in accordance with subsec. 25.1 sec. 25 Order of the Internal Affairs Ministry from 09.11.2017, N 846 “The Internal Affairs Ministry regulations on review of permanent residence applications of foreign citizens and stateless persons”;

Step 2: Citizenship: application is filed right after the receipt of the permanent residence permit;

application review – 6 months –  according to sec. 4 art. 35 of the Federal Law from  31.05.2002, N 62-FL “On citizenship of Russian Federation”

Therefore, this category of foreign nationals will be able to receive Russian citizenship within a year.

What is more, the bill made a number of norms clearer regarding citizenship applications made on behalf of incapable persons (children, mentally ill and etc.).

Amendments will come into force: 90 days from the date of official publication of the approved bill;

Government Order from 02.12.2019, № 11023п-П4 «On amendment of the Federal Law «On amendment of articales 14 and 27 of the Federal Law «On citizenship of Russian Federation»;

We will keep you posted on the developments. Meanwhile, should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.    

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