Quota for issuance of the temporary residence permits (TRPs) in 2020 has been approved

Russian Government has approved quota for issuance of temporary residence permits to foreign nationals in 2020 in the amount of 60 270 permits.  

Thus, quota for Moscow is 2000 permits, for Moscow Region it is twice more – 4000, Saint Petersburg will receive 1500 permits, but Leningradskaya region only 300 permits.

It is important to note that before foreign citizen can file documents for the temporary residence permit they have to file for the quota, that is, to receive one of the residence “places” allocated by the government for the certain year.  

It is advisable to file for TRP quota in early January to book the quota for the current year. The earlier application is filed, the better, because places get distributed very fast, especially in Moscow, big cities and other industrially developed regions.

Please, note that temporary residence permit (TRP) is issued to the foreign national outside of Quota approved by the government in the following cases:

  • Who is 18 years old and their parent (step-parent or caretaker) is a foreign citizen who has TRP (in this case TRP issued for the child is the same validity as the TRP of the parent, step-parent or caretaker);
  • Who is 18 years old and applies for the TRP with their parent, step-parent or caretaker;
  • Who is married to Russian citizen, who lives in Russia (in this case TRP is issued in the same region in which the spouse has their permanent residence);
  • Who is 18 years old + according to their native country’s legislation has disability or partial disability + applies for the TRP together with their parent, step-parent or caretaker;
  • Who is 18 years old  + according to their native country’s legislation has disability or partial disability + whose parent, step-parent or caretaker has TRP (TRP is issued for the validity of the parent’s TRP);
  • Who invested in Russian economy in the amount, determined by the Russian Government;
  • Who applied to the military (for the period of the military service);
  • Who is a member of the Government program for relocation of compatriots living abroad and their family members;
  • Who is citizen of one of the countries of the former USSR + Received a university degree in Russia in the public university and completed the licensed course;
  • Who is Ukrainian citizen or stateless person + permanently lived in Ukraine + has the refugee status or has received temporary refuge in Russia;
  • Who is permanently relocating to Russia according to the international agreements on rights of the relocating persons;

Government Order from 23.11.2019 №2793-р;

We will keep you posted on the developments. Meanwhile, should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.    

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