Russia will close borders till May 2020:

Starting March 18 2020 till May 1 2020  Russian Government closes Russia borders for all foreign nationals and stateless persons, including those coming from the territory of Belarus as well as citizens of Belarus.  


  • Accredited or appointed employees of embassies and consulates as well as their accompanying family members;
  • Employees of international organizations and representative offices of international organizations as well as their accompanying family members;
  • Employees of other official representative offices of foreign countries as well as their accompanying family members;
  • International drivers;
  • Aircraft crew members as well as crew members of sea, river, rail international brigades;
  • Members of official delegations;
  • Persons, having diplomatic, service, standard private visas, issued due to the death of close relative;
  • Persons, who have permanent residence permits;
  • Persons, travelling as transit passengers through  air border check-points;*

Government Order from 16.03.2020, № 635-р;

*It seems that Government Order in question means all foreign citizens and stateless persons travelling as transit passengers through Russia, except citizens of countries, for which transit has been closed earlier, as well as foreign citizens and stateless persons, travelling from the territories of the countries for which transit has been closed: China, South Korea, Iran, Italy, Norway, Poland. Although, Government Order from 16.03.2020, № 635-р cancels previous Government Orders, which introduced restrictions for transit travel through Russia for the aforementioned countries. At the moment we are confirming this information with authorities.  

Until May 1, 2020 documents will not be processed for the following migration procedures in relation to all foreign citizens and stateless persons:

  • Invitation letters for entry with the following purposes: study, performing work activities;
  • Corporate Work permits;
  • Work Permits;
  • Visas (in Russian consulates abroad), except visas for persons mentioned above;
  • E-visas;

Government Order from 16.03.2020, № 635-р;

In practice:

Migration documents, for which applications were filed earlier, will not be issued. What is more, it is not possible to amend any migration documents. For example, it is not possible to file documents for the correction of the work permit, due to passport change. Also, in spite of the fact that such measure is not prescribed by any official documents, – applications are not accepted for extension of expiring work permits and visas. 

At the moment the Internal Affairs Ministry accepts documents only for the following procedures:

  • Salary payment notifications (for highly qualified work permit holders) – starting 1st of April 2020;
  • Notifications regarding termination of labour agreements;
  • Applications for temporary residence permits;
  • Applications for permanent residence permits;

What do I do if my migration document is due to expire or already expired?

At the moment authorities do not give comments regarding this issue. We continue to monitor the situation. There is no official document regarding such situations at this time.

Attention: Russia closing the borders for foreign citizens and stateless persons does not mean that Russian citizens cannot exit Russia and return back. For those planning travel: pay attention to air and rail travel restrictions as well as foreign countries closing their borders.

Quarantine (Moscow): schools\universities\additional education institutions\sport schools and clubs\public events

Until April 10, 2020: sport, public and other mass-events are prohibited. What is more, all inside leisure activities (events) with more than 50 participants are prohibited as well.

Starting March 21, 2020 until April 12, 2020 it is prohibited to attend schools, additional education institutions as well as sport schools and clubs.

Until March 21, 2020 – voluntary attendance of these organizations is possible.  

Moscow Mayor Order from March 16, 2020 №21-УМ «On amendment of Moscow Mayor Order from March 05, 2020, № 12-УМ»;

An online reporting service has been introduced for those, arriving from countries, where cases of COVID-19 were registered:

This resource also gives the latest information on the list of countries, returning from which to Moscow citizens have to report themselves and keep a 14-days quarantine.

Attention: Mayor Order sets an obligation to report about arrival from the countries mentioned in the list. Otherwise a hot line can be called: +7 (495) 870-45-09 (daily, from 08:00 am till 09:00 pm);

What is more, self-isolation regime according to the Mayor Order has to be followed by all persons, who co-habitate with people, who returned from abroad.  

We would like to remind that, Order is enforced with the help of video-cameras. Violation of the regime can lead to criminal punishment according to art. 236 of the Russian Criminal Code.

Moscow Mayor Order from March 16, 2020 №21-УМ «On amendment of Moscow Mayor Order from March 05, 2020, № 12-УМ»;