Address Registration – bill under review

October 21, 2019 Russian Government has submitted a bill to the State Duma on amendment of Federal Law «On address registration of Foreign citizens and stateless persons in Russian Federation».

According to the bill it is suggested:

  • Give right to all foreign citizens, who own property in Russia, to register under address of such property themselves as well as their family members (spouse, children (including adopted), children’s spouses, parents (including adoptive), parents’ spouses, grandparents, grandchildren). At the moment such right have only highly qualified specialists as well as foreign citizens, who have permanent residence permits;
  • Inviting party will be able to send address registration notification through the government internet portal In case registration notification is sent through Gosuslugi, it will be considered submitted in e-form. When notification is filed in e-form inviting party after receiving confirmation of address registration completion in e-form, verified by the qualified e-signature of the responsible official will have to print out the confirmation and give it to the foreign citizen who was registered.
  • Give equal rights in terms of address registration at the place of stay to foreign citizens who have temporary residence permit and permanent residence permit – both these categories of foreign citizens will have to register address within 7 business days from the date of arrival to the new address.
  • In cases when residence accommodation or other property, supplied to the foreign citizen as place for stay, belongs as property to:
  1. Russian citizen;
  2. Foreign citizen;
  3. Foreign company;
  4. Foreign organization;

who reside\have place of registration\business outside of Russia, responsibilities of inviting party will have to be performed by the representative of such owner (confirmed by the power of attorney).

Currently there are a lot of problems with completion of address registration procedures for foreign citizens, who signed a lease with Russian citizens, who permanently live abroad. Hopefully, with this amendment coming into force this issue will go away.  

Government Order from 21.10.2019, № 9532п-П4 «On Federal Law bill «On amendment of the Federal Law «On address registration of foreign citizens and stateless persons in Russian Federation»»».

Federal Law bill № 818933-7.

We will keep you posted on the developments. Meanwhile, should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.    

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